education exhibition 2016

successful performance at the education exhibition 2016. purple attracted a lot of visitors...

for the fifth time in a row falch was present at the education exhibition in ulm. traditionally the whole organisation was a trainee project. 

between two big, well-known companies we didn’t get lost at all. the remarkable color of the company and some great acts attracted many participants.

our self-made “hot wire” was also an attention-getter. with this box everyone could give proof of their calm hand. how it works? with a handlance you had to reconstruct our falch-logo as fast as possible and touching the “checkpoints” to turn on the lights. but be careful – if the wall got touched, the game was over.

for the technique interested visitors we had two eye-catcher arranged – our trailjet 125 and our muliworker. with the trailjet 125 you can generate up to 3000 bar water pressure and the mulitworker is a new constructed roboter.

because almost only our trainee took care about our stand we also had a lot of materials and first–hand information for our visitors around the topic apprenticeship.

for our competition the students rate the number of flat washer in a filter box. the winner will get a go pro hero 4 silver…actually we are evaluating the answers …it’s still exciting!

to sum up, the three days at the exhibition were great with good discussions, many interested students and parents.