educational partnership

falch has recently signed an educational partnership with two local schools.

falch is educational partner oftwo local schools - blautopf school in blaubeuren and albert schweitzer gymnasium in laichingen.

in line with the motto: "who always does what he is already able to do, always remains what he already is ", we constantly want to grow and try out new ways. we believe it is very important to provide pupils with a realistic idea about future professions and to support them in their job orientation.

we want to show future perspectives and spark the fire for the right choice of apprenticeship.

success concept

with interesting activities, we enable students to immerse themselves in the professional world of an innovative mechanical engineering company.

what do we offer?

  • workshops around topics like application, interview and behaviors
  • technical seminars, e.g.  how does a product idea come to life?
  • career orientation days with hands-on exercises
  • factory tour with insight into falch
  • exciting internships in various departments


strong partners

with two great education partners at our side - blautopf school in blaubeuren and albert schweitzer gymnasium in laichingen - we want to make a difference.

the ihk ulm will accompany and advise us.

we are looking forward to a successful cooperation and many interested students.

links to our education partners asg & blautopf-school

albert-schweitzer-schule laichingen
blautopfschule blaubeuren
industrie- und handelskammer ulm