how to grow

everybody has their own ideas about career and development. that is why we do not believe in standardised training programmes and development models. instead, we focus on being aware of our employees' goals and ambitions and promoting their talents individually. to this end we offer a variety of opportunities for personal and technical development.

induction training

to give new employees a successful start, we focus on an intensive and personal induction training. on the first day of work, every new employee receives a detailed induction training schedule for the coming days and weeks. instead of being thrown in at the deep end, new employees are gently immersed in their new role. during the induction training phase, new employees also gain insights into other areas of the company. we value this approach because it expands horizons, creates understanding of the company structure and strengthens team spirit.


feedback and development meetings

at the start of each year, every employee has the option to talk about their career goals in an annual meeting with their manager. this meeting focuses on recognising potential and developing a shared roadmap for the coming months and years. appropriate actions for implementation are agreed on, such as training courses, projects or mentoring, and progress is regularly reviewed.


training and seminars

in terms of technical training, we offer falch employees language courses, it lessons and training on work organisation.

because the world of water jetting is multifaceted and innovative, we regularly hold intensive training sessions on products, technology and applications.

training sessions with different areas of focus are held at regular intervals throughout the year for our sales and service teams.

a one-day training session called "fascination water jetting" is aimed at all new employees who do not work with falch products every day. participants are given an overview of the falch product landscape and see for themselves what it feels like to use our machines. 

external seminars and training sessions in various subjects areas and of varying duration are also encouraged by falch, and in some cases subsidised up to 100%.


thanks to our steady international growth, there are lots of opportunities for professional development. many of our current managers made the leap from skilled labour to management. they are assisted by a 6-month programme to develop management skills.

regardless of your own responsibilities, there is always the option to get involved in inter-departmental activities and projects. leaving your comfort zone and widening your horizons can really be worthwhile.