who we are

what are our values? what makes us who we are and what do we stand for? it's not easy to put into words. nevertheless, we think it is important to describe our culture so that it can be understood and so that others can imagine what it is really like. that is why we forego sweeping statements, superficial words and empty phrases and try to describe honestly, authentically and genuinely what falch is really like.

what makes us tick?

  • we speak directly and honestly. we don't all have one opinion, but ultimately, we stick together – like a family.

  • whether trainee or owner, t-shirt or suit – each one of us is important, regardless of title and external appearance. where we work, everyone has a voice.

  • all for one and one for all. whether professionally or privately – we recognise when someone needs help and never leave anyone out in the cold.

  • we are not indifferent to our employees' circumstances — we always try to find ways to balance private and professional life.

  • the commitment and lifeblood of our long-standing employees has made us what we are today. the loyalty of our employees means a lot to us and deserves our recognition.

  • at falch, everyone has the opportunity for a job with responsibility. this is good for the company, because committed employees help falch advance. and it's good for the individual, because it creates freedom and is simply more enjoyable. so it's a genuine win-win for everyone.

in swabia and internationally

  • founded in 1986 in swabia and having grown in size, we are still rooted firmly in the region today. we manufacture exclusively in the local area, have many regional suppliers and are a major employer in the swabian alps.

  • from the swabian alps to the world: with 11 subsidiaries in 9 european countries, we have already achieved a great deal. 6 continents and more than 190 countries worldwide offer considerable prospects for the decades to come.

  • we set ourselves ambitious targets to expand while avoiding pipe dreams. we remain true to ourselves and keep our feet firmly planted on the ground despite our steady growth and international success.

  • we don't think in terms of financial quarters, but generations. sustainability and durability are more important to us than earning a quick buck.

  • a high equity ratio and being entirely family owned means stability and independence.

highly innovative yet conservative

  • quality is more important to us than speed. what we do, we do right — and we live by this motto day in, day out.

  • despite constant growth, a varied product portfolio, and markets that are becoming more complex, we maintain our flat hierarchy and communicate and make decisions quickly and directly.

  • our formula for success: courage x passion = innovation

  • we don't just have good ideas and a clear vision, but also the dynamics, the industriousness and the persistence to make them a reality.

  • our products are thoroughly thought out, down to the last screw. we manage this through structured and attentive work, systematic methodology and a keen eye for detail.

who suits us...

  • we are looking for people with talent, curiosity, energy, passion and motivation. this is more important to us than good exam results.

  • we are authentic and sincere — we value content and a person's contributions, not external appearances.

  • of course, new colleagues should be technically competent. but ultimately, what is important to us: does a person suit us or not? that is why the team is always involved in the decision.

  • at falch, all employees speak the same language: not german, english or french, but "all for customers". because every employee gives their best every day to turn falch customers into falch fans.

  • being an owner-managed, medium-sized company means continuity and stability, vision and sustainability, but also working with rough edges.