application faq

we would love to hear from anyone interested in a job with falch. please feel free to contact us beforehand if you have any questions.

below are a few answers to frequently asked questions so you don't have to call us:

is the position still open?

you can safely assume that any position on our website is still open.

when does the position need to be filled by?

by the time we have found the right person or people. we don't have a closing date for applications or a fixed start date.

how can i apply?

please apply online. alternatively, you can email your documents to we do not accept paper applications.

to whom do i address my application?

a contact person is stated for each position. you can send your application to them.

what is the selection process like at falch?

if we are impressed by your cv, first we will invite you to a telephone interview. in this interview, our aim is to find out whether you are suited to falch and whether falch is suited to you.

the next step will be a face-to-face interview with the manager.

to obtain an overall impression, we will invite you to a trial day before the final decision is made.