what we offer

there are many good reasons to work at falch. innovative products, an excellent work environment, future-proof jobs and that certain something that makes a job at falch special...

in addition to fair salaries, falch also offers a number of additional benefits. monetary and non-monetary, big and small.

a share in the company's success

all employees have shared in the company's success since 2004. the profit & growth bonus (pg) depends on turnover and profit. all employees, managers and labourers alike, receive the same amount of the pg bonus.


the falch standard in the workplace

whether it's in the office or on the production line – every workstation is equipped with first rate equipment. ergonomic office chairs and desks, the latest it technology, professional tools, air conditioning and bright and clean premises that meet the falch standard.

calories and caffeine

in merklingen the company-owned restaurant is not operated at the moment and we are looking for a new suitable leaseholder. there are restaurants and a supermarket with a bakery nearby.

for „self-caterers“ we provide a cafeteria or kitchen on each site. in blaubeuren-seissen it includes a terrace with alps view...

small coffee bars scattered throughout the buildings provide all employees with a variety of hot beverages free of charge.

falch family

we also enjoy spending time together outside of work. because we have more in common than just a job.

whether it's skiing at the weekend, cycling through the swabian alps (and ending up in a beer garden) - everyone is invited to take part. new ideas are always welcome.

we also celebrate together. without a doubt, highlights include the summer party, to which the whole family is invited, and the end-of-year party with partners.

fitness studio

there is a variety of schemes for an active work-life balance. the falch fitness studio in our headquarters in blaubeuren means there are no more excuses for couch potatoes :-) .


loyalty bonus

we are extremely proud when employees decide to work for falch for a long time. those who stay with the company for 10 years or more are worth a premium to us.

referral bonus

we love it when our employees are able to inspire their friends and acquaintances to apply to falch. every successful referral is rewarded with an attractive bonus.



thanks to our core working hours model, every employee has the chance to organise their everyday life flexibly.

apart from our company holiday over christmas and new year, holiday planning is completely individual. every employee can flexibly schedule and make use of their own annual leave.

we offer various part-time models depending on an employee's stage of life. and because life often turns out differently than expected, we can also find acceptable solutions in difficult situations.

falch outfit

every employee who requires work clothing is, of course, fitted out by falch with high quality team clothing. all employees also have the option of buying falch shirts, softshell jackets, etc. at purchase price.


rewards for good ideas

we think it's great when employees get involved and go about their work with eyes wide open. new ideas and creative suggestions for improvement are taken seriously, discussed and regularly put into practice. the person who came up with the idea is rewarded with 5% of the money saved.


excellent highway access

after leaving the highway a8, exit merklingen, it’s only a few meters to our falch offices. plenty of free parking lots are right in front of the door.

discounts for employees

our employees benefit from various discounts on falch products.