fountain renovation erstetten

the training department of the company falch got to grips with the deposits of past years at high pressure.

in previous years the falch company has already participated on a voluntary basis in redevelopment projects of the local communities and provided all the machines, personnel and equipment completely free of charge. this year was no exception.

after consultation with the local responsible persons, the implementation was started on 23.05.23 under the supervision of the training officers.

with a trailjet 15 d 300 bar hot water device, the local well of erstetten was freed from years of lime deposits and moss. care was taken to ensure that the removed material did not enter the well. for this purpose, a pressure of 300 bar and a water temperature of 60 °C were used.

with the pointjet 5 one rotor nozzle, the hard limescale deposits were completely removed without damaging the underlying stone. the pointspeed regulation 5 was then used to master the surface finish.

now the fountain shines again in new splendour and many cyclists, hikers or other visitors can once again take a little time out at the idyllic hollow in erstetten.